Lucid Rhino Productions


Lucid Rhino Productions is a fully turn-key TV and Film production company. From pre-production, physical production, to post, we handle it all; budgeting, hiring crew, casting, equipment rentals, etc. to make your commercial, music video, narrative film, or even a script you want to make into a short. Lucid Rhino Productions is an all-inclusive one stop shop. We have the experience, equipment, resources and connections to make any project special.


Lucid Rhino Productions is also able to help source funding on certain projects. Over $10,000 was raised on its last narrative film.


Lucid Rhino Productions will, if need be, partner with production companies as a joint venture to help create a unified and complete vision of a project.


Lucid Rhino Productions, Trevor Rothman (Director/Producer) and Kevyn Delgado (Director of Photography), lends themselves as freelancers for productions in need to fill those positions.